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Sacred Heart Church




GPS: 46.804179, 25.49647

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Tel. 1: +40730710965

E-mail: office@visitgheorgheni.ro

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Sacred Heart Church

Presentation - Sacred Heart Church Ditrau

The second half of the nineteenth century meant for the Szekler village of Ditrău a period of intense economic development, and also an opportunity to build a bigger church when the community agreed upon it, a church adequate in size for growing number of the dwellers. At the end of the 1870s in the village started to gather the funds to execute the plan, but by an act issued by the Minister of Education these funds were transferred for building a new school. 
Following the death of the priest prior to János Tako, no steps could be made for carrying out the construction of the church. In the year 1888, the Roman-Catholic bishop of Transylvania appointed János Tako to occupy the place left vacant in Ditrău. 
János Tako's devoted 27 years of his life to serve the community of the village and his priesthood was marked by the success in building the church. He was the one to bring the matter back into discussion, and the local council adopted the decision in 1891 to allocate the revenue of forest to this purpose. 
After precise measurements of the terrain, an ellaborate architectural plan and the allocation of the budget for the church, the construction began in 1909, according to the plans made by architect István Kiss and approved by the bishop and the ministries in Budapest. The work was led and supervised by Ede Dvorák and  carried out by István Kladek.
Four years after the placing of the first cornerstone, the process was completed in 1913, moreover, in 1911, by the decision issued out by the bishop, to keep service was allowed on Sundays and on holidays in new church. The building was consecrated by the Bishop of Transylvania, Count Mailath Gusztáv Károly, on July 13, 1913, in honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
Since then, the church with twin towers of Ditrău impresses with its dimensions (75 m high, 56 m long, 23 m wide, with a capacity to accomodate 1000 people sitting, and 2000 people standing), is one of the most famous churches in Szeklerland and the largest neo-gothic church in the country.

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Sacred Heart Church Ditrau - +40730710965 - visitlacurosu.ro

Sacred Heart Church Ditrau. Description, contact information, photos & reviews about Sacred Heart Church